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Current and future writings from the dragon.

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With some monsters taken from the Kobold press Creature Codex and art from Terry Pavlet.

The Sunken Tomb is a large dungeon
crawl that involves furious combat and a
lengthy mystery. Flizel Westerwind wants
to hire the party to find a missing book.
Unknown to the party he had also sent another group to find it days earlier, but they turned out to be evil and slowly turned on their own to keep all the riches.

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UPDATE! I will be running a prequel event at Garycon at the end of March! It is called A Favor for Flizel. Once the con is over I will be publishing this adventure also as a stand-alone to the Sunken Tomb Campaign.


Soon to be released will be the third and final installment of the Sunken Tomb of Voldesh series. Due to some scheduling issues It has been delayed but never the less, it is written and almost ready to go!


The second and third in a series of small magical item PDFs that can be added to your 5E campaign are now available! Each book is arranged into different tiers of magical power and items will have a market value GP price listed. The tiers will include minor magics, lower level,mid-level, high level, and unique or relics. These books includes a minimum of 15 new items!


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