Flizel's Simple Search

Flizel has been known in the area for many years. He lives a mostly quiet life just south of the Inn. He, on occasion, makes the locals wonder what he is up to with loud sounds coming from the area he lives in or the sudden smoke cloud that rises from his cabin in the woods.

You and your party have been together for just a few weeks now. Looking to make a name for yourselves and learn what you can about adventuring near the Sword Coast.

One day you make your way o the Friendly Arm Inn on your way south. A small keep turned Inn years ago. It has seen it's share of travelers and mages from the Candle Keep and Beregost to the south. 

A man is in some great distress as you enter the Inn. A kindly middle-aged wizard comforts him. He looks up and your group catches his eye. In your experience, it's always an interesting encounter when a mage looks at you that way...

The Sword Coast offers up some strong challenges and hides many things. Will you have the power and teamwork to help Flizel? One thing you know for sure, where there is a mage there are magical items!

This adventure is for a group of 4 level 2-3 5E characters. Races and classes from the core books. Pre gen characters will be handed out. Also! Each player can purchase a print copy of the first part of my campaign that this is the prequel for! I ask for a donation of $10 to cover shipping etc.

My name is Robert Morris jr and I have been playing D&D since 1980. This will be the first con game that I have run at a con. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to check out my company page. This adventure involves Flizel, a key NPC of my Sunken Tomb of Voldesh 3 part campaign available on Dmsguild.com